Digital Control S.r.l.


Linear inspector for bottles neck finish and bottom directly on conveyor belt.



This vision system is used for the inspection, before filling, of neck finish and bottom in PET or glass bottles and containers. The vision system inspects the bottle neck finish to detect cracks or abrasions. It inspects also the bottle bottom to detect foreign objects or cracks. It's an autonomous system and can be placed in any bottling line before filling. It can manage big number of codes and formats. Can be connected to rejection system (REJ-8-V optional) so you can reject defective products. Passed this inspection the container can go to the filling without any problems


- Complete inspection of bottle neck finish
- Detection of cracks and abrasions
- Detection of foreign objects on the bottle bottom
- Complete statistical management of production
- Automatic changeover
- Storage about statistical information such as: production speed, total bottles inspected, total bottles discarted, etc.
- Data protection by password
- Modular design for easier upgrade
- Storage of all settings and parameters about the various formats
- Intuitive touchscreen interface


- Expansions for the inspection of all the surfaces in empty bottles
- Progressive diverter REJ-8-V
- Tele-Assistance service remote management of system


- Production speed:
    from 5.000 up to 15.000 pieces/h (CBF 515 N)
    from 15.000 up to 40.000 pieces/h (CBF 1540 N)
- Power supply: 230Vac 50-60 Hz + Ground
- Power consumption: 800 W
- Protection: in accordance with EC
- Weight: 450 kg
- Display TFT 17" Touch Screen
- Ethernet interface for local network or internet


Vision Systems allow you to control the production line quality, ensuring unlike human visual inspection, reliability and constant over time. The growing demand for quality, the trend towards the production of zero defects, the increasingly tight competition and the requirement to contain costs, are pushing companies to a new way of thinking. Vision System control goes far beyond the simple presence control of labels by sensor.