Digital Control S.r.l


Vision system for labels inspection directly on conveyor for bottles oriented and non-oriented.



This vision system checks the correct labelling or decoration of bottles, cans or others containers to 360 °. It's an autonomous system and can be located in any bottling line before packing machine. It can handle a large amount of codes and recipes. The system checks the corresponding correct format in production, placement, orientation and integrity of all labels and seals. This vision system solves every problem about check of product labelling and ensures the best image to the packed product.


- Detect label presence
- Detection correct positioning and integrity of the label
- Detection label inclined
- Detection fold and tear at the edges
- Detection repeated written, tear and stain inside label
- Complete self-diagnostics with description of alarm causes and graphics visualization of possible remedies
- Complete management of production statistics
- Storing statistical information as: production speed, total bottles inspected, total bottles discarded, discrimination of various reasons for deviation
- Data protection by password
- Management of signals to drive ejection systems


- Extension to verify the presence and legibility lot code
- Connection with ejection system
- Tele-assistance service and remote management of system.


- Production capacity:
    up to 5.000 pieces/h (CE 0536 N)
    up to 20.000 pieces/h (CE 2036 N)
    up to 40.000 pieces/h (CE 4036 N)
- Power supply: 230 Vac 50-60 Hz
- Power consumption: 600 W - Max 1000 W
- Protection: in accordance with EC
- Weight: 250 kg
- Display TFT 17" Touch Screen
- Ethernet interface for connection to local networks or the internet.


Vision Systems allow you to control the production line quality, ensuring unlike human visual inspection, reliability and constant over time. The growing demand for quality, the trend towards the production of zero defects, the increasingly tight competition and the requirement to contain costs, are pushing companies to a new way of thinking. Vision System control goes far beyond the simple presence control of labels by sensor.