Digital Control S.r.l.


Vacuum Pressure Inspection System on Twist Off caps.



The inspection system for vacuum and pressure, positioned after the capping machine, by using a specific laser sensor, at the passage of the bottle, will inspect that the twist off cap has a perfect sealing. This system is studied to be installed without any problem on every existing production line. The compact size of the system allow the user to access to the panel control easily. The format changeover is automatic with the possibilities to store a big amount of codes and recipes. The movement of the group is automatic thanks to a motor with electronic.


- Control of Presence cap.
- Inspection of vacuum pressure on twist off caps.
- Is possible to set a maximum number of discards after which the system send a message to stop the line.
- Enables the optic and acoustic alarm when is found a bottle with not compliant caps.
- Visualization of the hourly production.
- Visualization of the pieces totalizator.
- Visualization of the number of discarded pieces.
- Simple interface through a 5" touch screen monitor.
- Movement totally automated through the use of a motor.
- Sends to the ejection system REJ-1-V the signal to reject the discarded bottle into another conveyor belt or into a collection plane.


- Expulsion devices.
- Control of occurred ejection.


- Production Capacity: from 5.000 up to 40.000 pieces/h
- Power Supply: 230Vac +/- 20% 50/60 Hz Monophase + Ground
- Power Consumption: 200 W
- Protection: in accordance with EC
- Weight: 25 kg
- Display LED 5" Touch Screen
- Graphic interface in Italian and a second language that can be chosen by the customer.