Digital Control S.r.l.


Progressive ejectors or Push ejectors.


REJ-8-V; Progressive ejector

The progressive diverter REJ-8-V is used for the ejection of defective products in production lines. It can be also used to divide products on more lines. This system solves the side diversion problem and guarantees container stability regardless of shape, filling level and production speed. By several small diverter segments, this system dynamically creates a guide as the container passes and takes it gently onto a different conveyor belt. Since the container is guided and not pushed, there is a guarantee that won't fall during side movement, even if stability is critical and even if the production speed is high.

REJ-1-V; Push ejector

The ejection system REJ-1-V can be used for the ejection of defective products on bottling lines. Normally it is used after an inspection system (e.g. Digital Control products: CE labels inspection. CBF Bottle neck finish and base inspection etc) and allows to reject bottles or containers visualized by inspection systems as defective or damaged. This system is realized with high performance pneumatic components in order to be used at high speed also in bottling lines with high speed up to 40.000 pieces per hour (cans lines etc).