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Output activation after n steps (or clock impulses) from the input signal and maintaining active output for x steps. All settings are digital and and are mede by a keyboard with numerical display with four digits (the programming console SHIFT 8, optional), it can be removed after set up . All settings are stored on a memory Eeprom.

The function set by the console are:
. Single output position
. Activation duration of individual outputs
. Protection parameters by password
. Prescaler on pulse clock.

· Input voltage: 10..30 Vdc
· Input: 4 input PNP 10..30 Vdc optoisolated
· Output: 8 output PNP 10..30 Vdc optoisolated - max 500 mA
· Overall dimensions: 111 x 107 x 23 mm

Main Features AMP-ENC-2

Encoder Amplifier.

Technical Features
Input voltage: 5-24 Vdc ³ VO Encoder
Max frequency: 400 KHz
Output voltage: VO Encoder - 0,7 V
Max. current supply: 250 m
Power supply: 5 -30 Vdc
Channel numbers: 2
Work temperature: -20°C...+70°C
Module width: 56 mm
Module length: 108 mm
Module heigth: 48 mm
Connection cable section: 0,2 – 2,5 mm2
Type of clamp: Removable