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Empty Bottle Sorter

This vision system was designed for reusable bottles on high-speed lines. it allows to detect residual liquids and foreign bodies inside the bottle, checks the external silhouette of the bottle to detect any deformation or breakage , detects the presence of the cap and finally traces of dirt on the outside of the bottle. it also allows you to discriminate the colors of the liquids contained in the bottle, to prevent unwanted substances from continuing in the production line. In combination with our ejection system it is possible to separate the waste on several lines according to their type. we have a wide offer that adapts to your needs, in fact we have a version that includes the air conditioner, to compensate for warmer climates or areas with greater presence of heat, and a version with a remote monitor, so as to have greater flexibility. In the location of the machine on the production line.

Main functions

  • Detection of the presence of the liquid with the possibility of discriminating its color
  • Cap presence detection
  • Detection of foreign objects in the bottle
  • Presence detection and label color
  • Dirt detection on the outer wall of the bottle
  • Detection of the presence of foam
  • Checking the silhouette of the bottle
  • Verification of correct ejection of the bottle
  • Complete statistical management of production
  • Motorized automatic format change
  • Password protected data
  • Storing the settings of each format
  • Remote assistance via internet
  • Ready for integration with our ejector series
  • Easy to use touch screen interface


  • Configuration with the presence of an air conditioner
  • Configuration with the remote monitor

Technical specifications
Control resolutionStarting from 1.5 megapixels
Type of controlMulticolo
Production capacity
Up to 60,000 pieces / h
DisplayTFT 15 "Color touch screen
InterfaceEthernet for local and internet connections full integration with the line
Power supply220 Vac Single-phase + Earth
Absorbed power500W a 2.5A
Weight200 Kg
Operating temperature0 - 45 C°


according to CE

Brochure EBS 1 MB 4 downloads


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