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The REJ-32-V ejection system is used for the ejection of defective products who may be in the bottling line or to divide the products across multiple lines. It solves the problems of lateral deviation guaranteeing the stability of the container regardless of the shape, the filling level and the production speed. Through the use of different deviation segments it dynamically creates a guide during the passage of the container and gently accompanies it towards a different conveyor belt. Being guided and not pushed you can be sure that the container does not fall during the lateral movement even if the production speed is very high

Main functions

  • Specific for high speed production lines
  • Compressed air
  • Touch screen operator panel

Data sheet
Production capacity50 meters/minute
Ejection strokestarting from 150 mm
Power supply110-230 VDC 50-60 Hz
Maximum absorption0.5A
Min pressure4 BAR
Max pressure6 BAR

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