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The NGD130 is a 4-phase stepper motor controller programmable by means of LADDER language.
The controller has 18 I / O points, two inputs for bidirectional encoders, a USB port dedicated to programming two RS485 half / full duplex sockets for programming and data exchange

Main functions

  • Software filter for digital and analog inputs
  • 31 Timer
  • 31 Counters
  • 1 Fast timer
  • Automatic backup in case of power failure
  • Connect up to 32 controllers reaching 576 I / O
  • 2000 retentive memories
  • 2016 non-retentive memories

Data sheet
Supply voltage30 - 130 VAC
48 - 180 VDC
Rated current0-10A
Operating temperature0 – 80°C
ProgrammingVia RS232 with LADTOOL interface
System bus interfaceModbus RTU or CANopen (forthcoming)
Encoder inputs1 bi-directional PNP 5-30 Vdc ecoder input for closed loop
1 bidirectional encoder with zero PNP / PUSH-PULL / LINE DRIVE 5-30 Vdc
Inputs8 optoisolated digital inputs 10-30V
3 isolated analogue / digital inputs 0-10 16 bit / 30V
1 USB for programming
2 RS485 H-duplex for both programming and data exchange
Outputs4 isolated digital outputs PNP 30V max 100mA
Protection circuitsProgrammable over-voltage
Programmable over-temperature
Inversion of polarity
Phase-to-phase, phase-to-ground, phase- + UB short circuit
Need for fuse upstream of power supply to protect against
any faults in the protection circuits.
Auxiliary voltage (optional)Isolated 12V - 100mA (max) auxiliary output voltage

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