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The NPD80 is a plug & drive motor with integrated logic programmable using LADDER language. It has 10 I/O points, an integrated absolute encoder, a USB port used for programming and debugging and an RS485 H-duplex port for programming and data exchange
Available in different versions where the quantity of stack and the type of the motor, the system bus or the type of connection vary

Main Function

  • Software filter for digital and analog inputs
  • 31 Timer
  • 31 Counters
  • 1 Fast timer
  • Automatic backup in case of power failure
  • Connection up to 32 motors reaching 320 I / O
  • Micro step with resolution up to 51200 pulses / revolution
  • 2000 retentive memories
  • 2016 non-retentive memories

70 Volt DC torque curves
70 Volt DC torque curve
Data sheet
Supply voltage30-80 V
Motor rated current0-8A
Operating temperature0 – 80°C
ProgrammingVia RS232 and USB with LADTOOL interface
System bus interfaceModbus RTU, CANopen (upcoming implementation), RS485
Encoder inputsIntegrated absolute encoder 2000 PPR (for closed loop and / or position recovery)
Inputs4 opto-isolated digital inputs 10-30V
2 isolated analogue / digital inputs 0-10 16 bit / 30V
1 USB for programming
1 RS485 H-duplex for programming and data exchange
Outputs2 isolated digital outputs PNP 30V - 100mA (max)
Protection circuitsProgrammable over-voltage
Programmable over-temperature
Inversion of polarity
Phase-to-phase, phase-to-ground, phase- + UB short circuit
Need for fuse upstream of power supply to protect against
any faults in the protection circuits.
OptionalIsolated output auxiliary voltage 12V - 100mA (max)
NPD 80 Version Builder
Number of stacks
Connection type
System bus
Auxiliary voltage
Engine type

Brochure NPD80 1.29 MB 29 downloads

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