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The CPD124101 is an ultra-compact PLC with 27 I/O points. The PLC also has two auxiliary outputs, for powering external equipment, with voltages equal to that of the power supply and 5V stabilized. Communication with other devices, such as PCs and keyboards, is guaranteed by two RS485 half/full-duplex sockets. These sockets are also used for programming.

Main functions

  • Software filter for digital and analog inputs
  • 31 Timer
  • 31 Counters
  • 1 Fast timer
  • Automatic backup in case of power failure
  • Connect up to 32 PLCs reaching 864 I / O
  • 2000 retention pleadings
  • 2016 non-retention pleadings

Data sheet
Supply voltage15 – 30 V
Auxiliary voltage sources5 Vdc stabilized (OUT)
Operating temperature0 – 70°C
Max current auxiliary sources200 mA total
Absorption when empty60 mA
ProgrammingVia RS232 and USB with LADTOOL interface
Encoder inputs1 input for 20KHz bidirectional encoder
Inputs4 analogue inputs 0 - 10V
12 digital inputs 0-30V
1 RS485 H-duplex for both programming and data exchange
Outputs10 isolated digital outputs PNP 15-30V 2A
1 analogue output 0-5V

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