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The SF-30 PM is a fork sensor which, thanks to infrared light, is able to detect the label or notch.
Furthermore, the PM version is able to work both in light and in the dark, significantly increasing the field of application and use, and thanks to the double self-regulation mode it is easier to manage

Main functions

  • Double self-regulation mode
  • Operation in both light and dark
  • Alternating reading cycle in the case of objects that have a zone inside them
    more transparent or empty

Technical specifications
Supply voltage10 - 30 Vcc
Ripple voltage2 Vpp max
Current absorption55 mA max
OutPNP - NPN - Light - Dark
Maximum load100 mA max
Response time200 ms
Emission typeInfrared 880 nm
Maximum label thickness2,5 mm
Minimum width1 mm
Dimensions110 x 25 x 15 mm
ConnectorM8 4-pole
IndicatorLED for output, setup and alarms
Protection circuitsInversion of polarity
Short circuit

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