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Empty bottles inspection

This system is used for the inspection, before filling, of the bottom and the bottom of bottles or containers in glass and PET. The camera system inspects the mouth of the bottle for cracks or abrasions. It also inspects the bottom of the container for any foreign objects or cracks. It can handle a large amount of codes and recipes. The system can be connected to ejectors thus giving the possibility of creating separate ejectors for the various causes of rejection.

Main functions

  • Complete inspection of the bottle end
  • Break or abrasion detection
  • Detection of foreign bodies on the bottom
  • Complete statistical management of production
  • Motorized automatic format change
  • Password protected data
  • Storing the settings of each format
  • Modular design to facilitate any upgrades
  • Remote assistance via internet
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface


  • Extensions to inspect bottle walls
  • Communication with ejection system
  • Tele-assistance service for online help

Data sheet
Control resolutionstarting from 1.3 megapixels
Type of camerasMonochrome
Production capacityup to 40,000 pieces/h
DisplayTFT 17” Touch Screen
InterfaceEthernet for local network or internet
Complete integration into the production line
Power supply230 Vac 50-60 Hz + Ground
Absorbed power800 W
Weight450 Kg
Operating temperature0 - 45 C°
Protectionaccording to CE
CBF Configurator
Production speed
ID Machine:

Brochure CBF 5 MB 13 downloads


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