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Label control

This camera system checks the correct labeling of the bottle at 360 °. It is an autonomous system and can be placed in any bottling line downstream of the labeling machine. It is able to manage a large amount of codes and recipes. The system verifies the presence, the correct correspondence to the format being processed, the positioning, the orientation, the integrity of all labels, capsules and seals. Camera vision solves problems related to product presentation by ensuring the best image for the packaged product.

Main functions

  • Label presence detection
  • Detection of correct positioning and integrity
  • Skewed Label Detection
  • Complete statistical management of production
  • Password protected data
  • Storing the settings of each format
  • Remote assistance via internet
  • Modular design to facilitate any upgrades
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface


  • Expansion for batch and barcode control
  • Communication with ejection system
  • Online help via TeamViewer

Technical data
Control resolution5 Megapixel
Type of camerasColor or monochromatic
Power Supply230 Vac 50-60Hz + Ground
Power consumption800W
Operating temperature0 - 45 C°
Weight230 Kg
DisplayTFT 17" Touch screen
InterfaceEthernet for local network or internet
Complete integration into the production line
Protectionin accordance with CE
Production speedfrom 5.000 up to 40.000 pieces/h
CE Configurator
Production capacity
ID machine:

Brochure CE 1.16 MB 9 downloads


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