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The REJ-1-V ejection system is used for the ejection of defective products that may pass through the bottling line. Usually used after a control system it allows to eject the containers or bottles that are damaged or defective that the control system detects as waste. Thanks to the pneumatic component inside the ejector this is able to work even at very high speeds, which means that it can also be mounted in lines with speeds exceeding 40,000 pcs per hour (lines with cans, etc.).

Main functions

  • Very quiet
  • Fast and fluid in movement
  • Compressed air
  • Remotely piloted
  • Small system

Data sheet
Production capacity70 meters/minute
Ejection stroke20 mm
Power supply110-230 VDC 50-60 Hz
Maximum absorption0.5A
Min pressure4 BAR
Max pressure6 BAR

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