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Modello 3D

Single camera level control

This single camera control system is inserted after the filler and as the container passes it will check that the detected level is within the range established during the creation of the format, discarding all non-compliant ones. This system is designed to be easily inserted onto an existing production belt. The structure is compact and allows easy access to the control panel. Automatic format change with the possibility of storing a very large number of formats. The movement of the sensor unit takes place via a motor.

Main functions

  • Detection of the level of liquid in the container and presence of a cap
  • Set the maximum number of consecutive rejects and stop signaling for upstream machines
  • Light / acoustic signaling for non-compliant containers
  • Complete statistical management of production

Data sheet
Control resolutionstarting from 1.3 megapixels
Type of camerasMonochrome
Production capacityup to 40.000 pieces/h
DisplayTFT 15" Color touch screen
InterfaceEthernet for local network or internet
Complete integration into the production line
Power supply230 Vac +/- 20%, 50-60Hz, Single-phase + Ground
Absorbed power800W
Operating temperature0 - 45 C°
Weight100 Kg
Protectionaccording to CE
CMTL-SMART Configurator
Production capacity
Machine ID:

Brochure CMTL-SMART 875.27 KB 2 downloads


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