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Quantum Linear Sorting

This mechanical ejection system can be used on high speed production lines. Thanks to the synchronization with the conveyor belt, the system is able to follow the bottle ensuring a delicate and precise rejection.
Available in 3 models, version 12, 15 and 15/2. The QLS 12 is has a total length of 1200mm and has 94 ejection segments. The QLS 15 has a total length of 1500 mm and has 118 segments. The QLS 15/2 differs in that it has two ejection positions, this allows different types of waste to be ejected onto different belts.
Compatible with all Digital Control machines, it can also be used as a stand-alone system connected to any control system.

Main functions

  • Up to 90 meters / minute
  • Setting the number of segments used for the reject [2 to 6]
  • Adjustable ejection speed
  • Motorized cam
  • Low noise
  • High precision thanks to encoder synchronism
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy maintenance

Special functions for QLS 15/2

  • Double motorized cam


  • Touch operator panel
  • Teleservice via EasyAccess 2.0

Data sheet
Maximum stroke180mm
Minimum stroke90mm
Full speed90 metri/minuto
Supply220 VCC
Maximum current4 A

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